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a Multi-Lingual, Multi-Talented Lady of Magic

Sylvia Schuyer is a talented female magician, who has become a rare gem in the world of magic. With a father as a magician and a mother as a presenter, Sylvia was introduced to the world of performing at a young age. Starting at such a young age, coupled with her talent and language skills, has enabled her to deliver exceptional performances to international audiences.

Her talent allows her to perform her magic shows to guests all over the world in French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and of course her native language Dutch. It is also an excellent choice for conferences and business meetings . Her skills and expertise have made her a sought-after performer for both private and corporate events.

Sylvia has a wide variety of performance options available for every occasion. She can provide entertainment during a small dinner party or put on a grandiose show. She even appeared in the Dutch and Belgian TV program 'de wereld van K3' for five years, where she taught children new magic tricks every week.

Sylvia is an expert in the art of table magic, moving between guests and breaking the ice with her engaging and humorous style. Her performance as a table magician can be a great addition to any event and serves as a connecting factor for the guests. Sylvia has a wealth of experience in table magic making her an excellent choice for both local and international events.

Whether you are organizing a corporate event, family gathering or private dinner, hiring a magician like Sylvia can add a touch of magic and make the event unforgettable. So why not hire Sylvia Schuyer to entertain and amaze your guests with her incredible magic tricks?

Her experience shows that magic is a very versatile form of entertainment, because you can do it anywhere. She has proven this herself, because in addition to her work in restaurants, theaters and other buildings, she also welcomed guests on the train and on the bus that took a group of people from Hamburg to Berlin. She regularly travels across the oceans , performed as a special guest on cruise ships and She is the Ringmaster of the Netherlands' largest Christmas circus Ahoy in Rotterdam for many years.

"It's interesting," she says, "to see how people from different countries react to the Magic. The German audience gives respect, the French guests are very enthusiastic, the Italians are full of admiration and the Dutch audience ask “ how did you do that ? “

Magic is my life and I like to entertain people, so let me entertain you.

' Magic is a bridge that connects people from all over the world'

Sylvia Schuyer

Rotterdam - the Netherlands

Ringmaster Rotterdam AHOY

Sylvia has been a ringmaster at the Christmas Circus Rotterdam Ahoy for many years.

Ringmaster Christmas Circus Rotterdam Ahoy

Sylvia has been a ringmaster at the Christmas Circus Rotterdam Ahoy for many years. Before that, she gained experience at the Christmas Circus in s'Hertogenbosch and the Christmas Circus in the City Theatre of Eindhoven.
Sylvia has now been associated with the largest Christmas circus in the Netherlands for many years,
the Christmas Circus Rotterdam AHOY

She is mind blowing! and hugely underrated!

She has charm, she has skill. And she sure has magic!

Sylvia can really sell a trick. An excellent magician in her own right.

So charming! The goddess of magic tricks

Sylvia was the charming magician at our party

Lutron, London

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